Hosting Signup Form

Website Registration FAQ

Why do we need this information?

This information will be used on the official record on who owns the domain. This means that even if you move to another hosting company, the domain remains your property.

What Hosting Package is Right for me?

  • Micro is used for individuals / business that only want emails and a website address
  • Standard is used for emails, website address and WordPress (CMS) hosting
  • Pro is for advanced users that has a lot of website requirements.

This can be quite an advanced topic and we recommend that you get in touch with us directly to discuss your hosting needs.

When will you bill me?

Hosting is billed monthly in-arrears. We’ll send you an invoice at the end of each month.

What will the total cost be?

Typically costs are broken down according to your monthly hosting package. There will also be an annual fee payable depending on the type of domain you’ve got (e.g. = R79 p/a, and .com = R130 p/a)