Online Store Apps & Add-ons

Marketing & Social Media

  • Product Bundles

    Bundle a few products together and sell them at a discounted rate or create different kits and assemblies for your store.

  • Up-sells & Cross-sells

    Adds products to your cart page that is either in the same calibre (cross-sells) or better (up-sells). Great for showing what others bought during their checkouts.

  • Checkout Marketing Notices

    Allows the store owner to display dynamic, actionable messages to your customers during check out. A Proven method to increase sales.

  • Chained Products

    Chained products should be used if you want to sell a single product, and gift/give access to other products after purchase.

  • Review for Discount

    Review for discount allows you to offer discounts to shoppers that provide reviews for products in an effort to drive repeat purchases.

  • Newsletter Subscription

    The Newsletter Subscription extension allows you to easily integrate with 3rd party newsletter providers like MailChimp and CampaignMonitor.

  • Store Credit

    Generate store credit coupons that enable customers to make multiple purchases until the total value specified is exhausted or the coupon’s life expires.

  • Google Product Feed

    The Google Product Feed extension allows you to easily configure data to be added to your Google Merchant Centre feed.

  • SMS Notifications

    Get an SMS message when a customer places an order. Send your customer an SMS message when the order status changes.

  • Auto Followup Emails

    Our solution automates your post purchase email campaigns enabling you to easily, and automatically, reach out to customers.

  • Brands

    The brands extension allows you to create, assign and list brands for your online shop.

  • Splash Popup

    Allows store owners to display specific content to new and returning visitors via lightbox popup.

  • Quick View

    The quick view plugin adds a ‘quick view’ button to catalogue images which shows product details in a popup when clicked.

  • Points and Rewards

    Reward your customers for purchases and other actions with points which can be redeemed for discounts.

  • PriceCheck Integration

    Uploads all your store products to your PriceCheck profile for indexing and comparison with other stores.

  • Bid or Buy Integration

    Uploads all your store products to your Bid or Buy store profile to allow selling on the Bid or Buy Shopping network.

Store Administration

  • Customer / Order / Coupon Import Suite

    Mass import hundreds, even thousands of customers and orders into your online store with the Customer/Order/Coupon Import Suite.

  • Sequential Order Numbers

    Customize your order numbers by setting a starting number, number length, custom prefix / postfix and making them sequential instead of random.

  • Print Invoices and Packing Lists

    Allows store owners to easily print invoices and packing lists for orders straight from the orders listing page.

  • Email Attachments

    Add attachments / files to your emails when sending out emails through your store. Also allows you to specify CC / BCC addresses to your emails.

  • Order / Customer Export

    Mass export hundreds, even thousands of customers and orders from your online store with the Customer/Order CSV Export Extension.

  • Product Import Suite

    Mass import hundreds, even thousands of Products into your online store with the CSV Import suite.

  • Checkout Field Editor

    The checkout field editor provides you with an interface to add, edit and remove fields shown on your online store checkout page.

  • Cart Report

    The Cart Reports extension provides real-time metrics on your customers’ open and abandoned shopping carts.

  • Cost of Goods

    Full-featured profit and cost of goods tracking for your ecommerce store.

  • Waitlist

    The waitlist extension lets you track demand for out-of-stock items, making sure your customers feel informed.

  • TradeGecko

    Enhance your business backend with advanced inventory and order management connected to your TradeGecko account.

  • Min / Max Quantities

    The Minimum and Maximum quantities extension allows you to define min and max rules for the number of products or cost of products on a cart or per product level.

  • Social Login

    Allow your customers to login and checkout with social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo.

Accounts & Payments

  • Xero Accounting

    Integrates your online store with the ever-popular Xero accounting system by automatically creating sales invoices in your Xero account.

  • Currency Convertor

    The Currency Converter lets you offer a dynamic currency switcher for displaying product prices and totals.

Product Extensions

  • Watermarked Images

    Add watermarks to your product images – ideal when selling works of art or even stock photography.

  • Force Sells

    The Force Sells extension allows you to link products together, so they will be added to the cart together. This can be useful for linking a service or required product to another product.

  • Store Memberships

    It automatically assigns a customer to one or more groups based on the products ordered; Ideally used in conjunction with store subscriptions for recurring income.

  • Store Subscriptions

    Allows the store owner to offer products and services that require recurring payments in your online store.

  • Catalog Visibility Options

    Transform your online store into an online catalog by removing all eCommerce functionality.

  • Product Gallery Sliders

    This extension transforms your product galleries into a fully responsive slideshow. Users can still zoom in but this gives a way of flicking through your images quickly.

  • Advanced Notifications

    Allows the store owner to setup order and stock notifications for users other than the main shop administrator.

  • Product Enquiry Form

    This add-on gives customers the opportunity to enquire about a product before purchasing it.

  • Products Add-ons

    Allow your customers to customise your products by adding new options such as input boxes, dropdowns or checkboxes.

  • Dynamic Pricing

    Dynamic Pricing gives you a powerful system for creating different types of bulk discounts and price adjustments.


  • Advanced Shipping Rules

    Extends default shipping options by giving you highly customisable rules based on weight, location, value or number of items.

  • Multiple Address Shipping

    Allows you to specify multiple addresses for each product during checkout. It’s ideal when shopping for gifts.

  • Local Pickup Plus

    Allows the user to define one or more pickup location during checkout – Typically used when you’ve got multiple physical brick-and-mortar stores.

  • Shipment Tracking

    This extension provides a customer with an easy way to track their shipments. It has default support for multiple international shipping vendors.

  • SA Post Office - Domestic Parcel Service

    Calculates shipping rates for your customers to anywhere in South Africa based on their total cart weight.

  • SA Post Office - International Parcel Service

    Easily calculate shipping costs for international customers based on their total cart weight for air and surface shipping.

  • Individual Product Shipping

    This is a fantastic solution if your store is selling one-off, heavy or large products which require additional shipping rules unlike the rest of your catalogue.