Using Enfold Avia Layout Builder on WooCommerce

We’re in the process of launching a WooThemes Canvas marketplace (more news on that later) and opted for using the brilliant Enfold theme to do the heavy lifting. In the process, we discovered that the amazingly intuitive Avia Layout Builder doesn’t play nice with Custom Post Types – which WooCommerce uses for their product listings. Read more

Using the HTML5 Defer Property in WordPress

I was recently busy with optimizing a website when the site report we ran over at GT Metrix mentioned that we should be deferring all scripts on the website. The HTML5 Async / Defer property was built with the idea of speeding up the loading time of website by loading all javascript files asynchronously.

Issues on using HTML5 Defer / Async in WordPress

It seemed like a good idea at the time, although I ran into several problems early on:

  • There’s quite a bit of literature on the async / defer property, but precious little on how to use within a WordPress environment;
  • Trying to implement it from coding example, led to the WordPress admin panel being broken (especially the WordPress’ Tiny MCE editor)

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